American rhymes with (colbertican) wrote,
American rhymes with

Father's Day (I'm trying to be better about titling my entries!)

'Tis father's day today! My dad and grandpa went golfing which gave me an opportunity to get on the computer and make him a Colbertastic card. On the inside, it says "stay truthy." I thought it was awesome enough with a pic of Stephen on the front (the picture at the beginning of the Higher Education chapter, if you were wondering). We got him ties, which he asked for. he needed them. When we were shopping for them at the store a few days ago, Liz and I were looking at each of the ties, and Liz came across a bright orange one with little hula dancers on it. "This is an Andy tie," she said. I agreed, so the rest of the time we just browsed the ties and matched them with characters from the office. it was great. there was an entire table full of Creed ties. XD
Happy father's day to all!
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